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MON Kids under 8

MON Kids 8 to 12

MON Adults 12 & over

WED Kids under 8

WED Kids 8 to 12

WED Adults 12 & over

SAT Kids 8 to 12

SAT Advanced Adults

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Terms & Conditions

I do hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the following terms and conditions:Dulwich Hill Karate Dojo Instructor does not warrant that the use of padding equipment will completely eliminate the possibility of accident or injury but will reduce the risk of accident or injury. In recognition of the possibility of an accident or injury connected with my Free Trial Karate training I waive any right or cause of any kind of action arising from such activity and any liability against the Dulwich Hill Karate Dojo or the Dulwich Hill Karate DOJO representatives or other instructors. In the event I may require First Aid I consent for the appropriate First Aid to be administered by the Dulwich Hill Karate Dojo Instructor or the first aid officer/s assigned by the club.I acknowledge that physical contact and grabbing will be used by the Dulwich Hill IKarate Dojo Instructor and other students participating in these 2 Free Trial sessions and authorised individuals as part of my self-defence instruction and give full consent to any physical contact or grabbing as may be required or is customary to martial arts and self-defence training.I acknowledge and understand that my participation in this activity in association with the Dulwich Hill IFK Dojo Self-Defence Seminar here at 151-153 Constitution road, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203, may involve a significant degree of physical exertion or physical risk in which may cause personal injury. By typing my full name and later signing this document in the presence of the Club Operator and participating in these 2 Trial sessions, I am not aware of any medical or physical condition which could lead me to believe there is a risk to my health.I acknowledge that Dulwich Hill Karate Dojo Instructor and his Assistants/Students will take no responsibility for the damage of my personal belongings, such as clothing, jewellery, mobile phones, wrist watch etc, other than damages caused directly by wilful acts or omissions or negligence of the instructor and his assistants/students.