Dulwich Hill Karate Club

Covid-19 Safety Plan Update (11th October 2021)

Dear Students and Parents,

In compliance with the recent NSW Government Plan for the indoor Sporting Clubs Activities for the COVID-19 Public Health Orders and according to the Current Law, the following steps must be followed in our Karate Club and until further notice:

If (you or a family member) are experiencing a Flu-like symptom or Fever, PLEASE DO NOT Book OR Attend our Indoor Training Sessions here at Dulwich Hill Karate Club. It is recommended to immediately seek medical advice over the phone from your local GP or Call 1800 020 103 for further medical advice.


  1. To keep our numbers up to: “20 Students PER CLASS” (not including instructor/s) inside the training hall, you or (if under 16 years) a parent is required to book your training session online (age groups/grades are separated to provide fairness of attendance for all our students).
  2. You need to attend your training session/s ON TIME. All our training sessions have been modified to host the correct number of Students Safely. Please DO NOT turn up too early as you cannot enter the premises nor too late as you will be refused entry by the instructor/s. (be there at your specified session time)
  3. As you enter the premises, please use the mandatory Service NSW check-in QR Code to register yourself or your kids.
  4. Parents and Non-Students are not allowed to Enter or Wait in the training area; no spectators inside the training area until further notice.
  5. An instructor or a qualified volunteer will be meeting our students at the front door to Take and Record the temperatures. A Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer will be used to measure your forehead’s temperature before entering the training area. If a student’s temperature surpasses 38 Degrees Celsius, They will be refused entry. It is a current COVID-19 GOVERNMENT LAW.
  6. All Students/Members 16 years and over must provide Proof of Vaccine or Exemption Dr. Certificate to keep on record.
  7. There will be no entry from the side Gate or the rear kitchen door of the hall unless it is an emergency.
  8. NO SHOES inside the Training Area. Place your shoes in plastic bags at the front door, then use the provided hand sanitiser before entering the training area.
  9. Students are to Practice in their designated 4 Square Meters Area marked by the Blue or Red Mats in the training area. Please Note: Floor Mats will be wiped and Sanitised after each training day.
  10. All Students are to Uphold Good Personal Hygiene, including washing their hands before and after using the toilets in the hall, washing their Uniforms after each training session, bringing their water bottles and sweat towels, and strictly NOT SHARING any of their equipment with other students (i.e., Hand/Shin mitts or Head Guards).
  11. Sparring is allowed only with a face mask for 12-year-old students and over. Otherwise, no face mask is required.
  12. No Seating in the Hall, all chairs will be removed from the waiting area. Parents are advised to drop off their kids and pick them up on time.
  13. Once the session is finished, all students are advised to use the Hand Sanitiser on the way out.
  14. Disposable Gloves and Face Masks are available to our volunteers and instructor. Students 12 years and over are advised to bring their face masks.
  15. While waiting outside the premises to pick up your child, please DO NOT BLOCK the central doorway by overcrowding in front of the hall or the footpath; we are required to keep a Safe 2-meter distance from one another.  we DO NOT want any complaints from the neighbours. We will be appointing an Instructor to Safely accompany our young students from the rear door and through the side gate to meet with their parents outside the Hall.

Your cooperation, help, and understanding are highly valued to manage this Safety Plan. If you have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the club’s operator during business hours on 0415 770 585





Andre Noujaim, Sensei

Dulwich Hill Karate Club (Operator)